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Oxygen is the greatest recycler on Planet Earth.

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The fascinating connections from metal recycling to expert oxygen applications....

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Anker Browder & Oxy Green History

Anker Browder teamed up with the University of Tennessee Knoxville nearly seven years ago to explore Eco friendly options for processing precious metals for recovery and recycling. One of the options involved chemical reactions initiated by atomic oxygen.

This eco friendly approach to the reclamation process avoided the production of dangerous acids. Our eco friendly solution resulted in nonhazardous waste water that could be easily filtered back to pure, clean water. Oxygen played a key role in precious metal recycling in a very environmentally friendly way!

This experience introduced Anker Browder to other Recycling applications for single atom oxygen. Ozone (O3 Oxygen) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) are the main vehicles for delivery of the almighty single atom oxygen.

All of this sounds very simple, yet a successful application is entirely dependent on the machines producing the Oxygen containing molecules and Oxygen Isotopes. In fact, the first O3 producing machine was built and patented by Nicolas Tesla in 1896. In 1900, he formed the Tesla Ozone Company. Tesla marketed his machines to the medical industry where the same technology is still used for reclamation. The basic concept has endured the ages because bacteria, viruses, fungi along with other pathogens cannot adapt or mutate to become resistant to Atomic Oxygen.

Oxygen is the greatest recycler on Planet Earth. Most of our planet consists of molecules containing Oxygen --and Oxygen balances the ecosystems life itself depends upon. When Triatomic Oxygen (O3) ,aka Ozone, is introduced to Ammonia for example, the result is Nitrogen, Water and 02 Oxygen.

Clean air consists of 78% Nitrogen and 21% O2 Oxygen.

Formaldehyde + Ozone results in Carbon Dioxide, Water and O2 Oxygen. Most of us are aware that plants rely on Carbon Dioxide for energy. Photosynthesis converts the Carbon Dioxide into sugar to feed the plant and releases a byproduct (you guessed it) Oxygen.

These are just 2 of countless examples demonstrating the power of Oxygen, its role in chemical recycling and the fundamentals of life. Answers to many of the environmental problems we face are literally all around us in unlimited abundance.

The Covid 19 Pandemic created the perfect storm to bring all of these applications together in a very strange kind of way. Mining of essential metals was halted. Metals prices soared by as much as 600%. Manufacturing became almost entirely dependent on the recycling industry for its metals supply. Metals theft increased just as much as the price. Law enforcement was overwhelmed and carelessly targeted businesses instead of the actual thieves. Legislators overreacted and created unreasonable laws resulting inf additional selective enforcement. This led to many metal recycling businesses leaving the industry for good.

With regards to Human health, society became hyper-aware of viruses and pathogens. A new urgency was created to ensure safe and clean indoor environments. As always, humans adapt and overcome. The complications keep things interesting, and the necessary solutions matter more than ever.

The knowledge we were exposed to for many years in Precious Metals Recycling had paved the way for our evolution into a more profound form of recycling and reclamation. Tesla’s Triatomic Oxygen Machine was rediscovered and modernized. The scientific principals (noted above) yields a plethora of applications from eradicating cat urine smells from an apartment, crime scene cleanup and property decontamination and reclamation.

-Anker Browder

Founder - Oxy Green Solutions.

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