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OxyGreen Consulting Services

OxyGreen Consulting Services
Price: $4,750.00    

$475 per hour, 10 hour minimum plus transportation and lodging.

Our consulting services are designed to help Sanitization Service Businesses. OxyGreen Solutions has helped hundreds of companies and provided more than 10,000 sanitization machines worldwide.

It became apparent to us 20 years ago that there are many shortcomings in this industry which led us down the path of innovation and perfection. It is shocking that those same flaws are still commonplace today. We are here to help you fix those problems.

Chemicals: Most of the chemicals that sanitization businesses are taught to use are harmful to humans and pets. They are not completely effective in sanitizing the area and leave behind harmful residual compounds that can cause health problems for the occupants. In fact, many of these chemicals are listed as known carcinogens. They are also known to cause respiratory problems and birth defects. It is not only unethical to use these chemicals, it is also a liability to the company using them.

With these facts known, these chemicals are still the standard in our industry even when safe options are available. Your OxyGreen Consultant will identify these chemicals and educate you regarding the dangers involved. Safe and green options that do not leave behind residual dangers will be introduced as well as the education and techniques needed to apply them. At first, some companies are reluctant to change their old incorrect ways of sanitizing. Once they see how much better and faster the alternative safe methods work, they are very grateful for their newfound tools. Many even refer to us as their "Secret Weapon". In the end, we don't want to keep anything secret that can do the job better and not put clients' health at risk.

We spent an incredible amount of time, energy and money conducting research, experiments and field tests for many years. The bottom line is we know what works and there is enough work for all of us. Many companies have more jobs than they can handle. It's no longer about trade secrets and competition. Everyone in this industry should be performing their business correctly with the best interest of their clients as a priority. When that mentality is followed and our techniques implemented, you will thank us just like all the others have. Revenues can increase and your customers will be safe and happy.

Employees: We will conduct background checks and evaluate your employees. Ultimately, it is up to you as to who you employ. We are very detailed in this area because you are sending these people into someone's home or business space. The employee must be very trustworthy. They must be personable and have a certain amount of tact. You are constantly dealing with very sensitive situations and the last thing you need is for an employee to steal from a customer or insult them. Our strategy is to employ law enforcement and first responders and we will show you the in and outs regarding this. We will also do an OSHA evaluation which many companies fail miserably. This oversight can lead to significant fines and civil liability.

Overall assessment: Most companies we encounter are making mistakes on every level. Once these are corrected, overall revenue can increase dramatically. Ignorance and neglect is the downfall of most failing businesses in the Sanitization Industry. We have the answers and can show direct results from our own implementation of these strategies.

Trauma Aftermath Sanitization OxyGreen Consulting Services

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