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Oxy Green Founder Charlles Bohdy

Oxy Green Founder Charlles Bohdy

Charles Boday is the founder of the OxyGreen Solutions Franchise. He became heavily involved in the mold remediation service about 20 years ago. During his experiences in the field, it became apparent that the chemicals used and techniques taught did not work to completely eradicate the mold, mold spores and mold roots. Not only did they not work but the chemicals themselves were creating health hazards for his clients.

Being the inventor he is with an unstoppable drive to solve problems, Charles took a deep dive into the science of the situation. After an incredible amount of research, he built the machines necessary to create a safe mold solution. In the years that followed, patents were filed, machines were constantly improved and techniques were integrated. The result was complete systems spanning many divisions of the Sanitization Industry which are still the best options available today. Charles continues to develop and innovate. He spends much of his time training franchisees. He continues to provide consulting which has helped hundreds of businesses in the Sanitization Industry and delivered more than 10,000 of his Sanitization Machines worldwide.

Charles attended Kent State and Akron University. He is a Certified Mold Inspector, a Certified Mold Contractor, and a graduate of the Certified Mold Inspector & Contractors Institute. He is also a member of the National Association of Mold Professionals and a certified Environmental Inspector. He then added Certified Crystal Meth Lab Clean Up Contractor to his resume. Charles is an Inventor and Product Developer who has developed the Popular Product lines such as as the Oxy-Green Carpet and Duct Sanitizing Machine, The Oxy- Green Toy and Vegetable Sanitizing Machine, The Oxy-Green Blaster and Bedbug Blaster and Destruct System, the Oxy-Green CPAP Sanitizing Machine, The Trio logic Poultry House System and many others.

He has extensive experience reviewing and investigating toxic chemical cases for law offices prior to the attorneys taking on cases for litigation. He has worked with some of the countries top scientists seeking alternative poison- free mold remediation techniques. He is state certified to teach the realtors' continuing education course" Toxic Mold! What every realtor should know!" and is the author of the same. He is also a Certified Crystal Meth Lab Clean up contractor. He routinely works for Fanny Mae as well as many other top lenders like HSBC Household, First Merit, etc. repairing extreme mold damaged foreclosed properties. He is also an experienced foundation water proofer and structural repair analyst. He has developed multiple proprietary waterproofing techniques for both interior as well as exterior foundation systems. He has testified as an expert foundation witness and is the Author of the books: Got Mold? Now What? A basic Guide to Understanding and Correcting Mold In Your Home...The Ultra Dry Basement: understanding and correcting foundation water problems and Ultra Bond Construction Techniques.

Trauma Aftermath Sanitization Oxy Green Founder Charlles Bohdy

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