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We help your property pass the Smell Test!

We help your property pass the Smell Test!

Odor Removal to Prepare the Property

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At Oxy Green Solutions, we are in the business of removing pathogens and harmful chemicals from indoor spaces.

You might ask, how does this help the Real Estate Industry? That's easy. We get your properties ready to pass the Smell Test, literally.
We use chemistry to remove the sources of unwanted smells.

The olfactory sense is very important and often overlooked.
It is connected directly to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion, which plays a big part in first impressions and decision making.

A lot of work goes into the curb appeal and staging the property. When it comes to the Smell Appeal... well, that's our department.

Your client is number one and top priority. We always make sure that he or she is happy.

The service that Oxy Green Solutions provides plays a very important role in preparing your property for the Real Estate Market.

Remember, the same Oxy Green process for odor removal also eliminates cigarette smoke and allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and proteins that are triggers for common airborne inflammatory allergic reactions.

Trauma Aftermath Sanitization We help your property pass the Smell Test!

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